9 Best Barndominium Bathroom Ideas

Though the bathroom is mainly a functional part of the home, you’re going to spend a lot of time there in your day-to-day life, and there’s a wide range of key design elements that can have a huge impact on your experience with the room.

From stripped-down, minimalist bathrooms with clean-cut lines to more ornate, classical designs with interesting embellishments and various stages in between, there’s no end to the approaches you can take when designing a barndominium bathroom. Today we are sharing some of our favorite barndominium bathroom ideas.

Our 9 Favorite Bardnominium Bathrooms

Whether you’ve only just made the decision to build a barndominium or the first phases of construction are already underway, if you’re still in the process of finalizing your vision for your bathroom, then this post is for you. 

Here’s 9 of our favorite barndominium ideas to help you get inspired, and map out the bathroom that’s perfect for you!

Monique Gros’ Louisiana Barndominium 

Louisiana barndominium

This barndominium bathroom is not only full of stunning classical decor but also seems to be perfectly positioned in terms of the home’s floor plan design!

The slope of the roof has created an area with limited vertical space at the back of the room, which serves as a perfect nook for the bathtub, surrounded by a Victorian-style tile pattern on the walls.

We love how the dark colors in the basins, the mirror frame, and the lights create a striking contrast against the use of whites and grays.

Pinno Buildings Rosendale, Wisconsin Barndominium 

wisconsin barndominium

This Wisconsin barndominium bathroom makes great use of minimalist design conventions without letting them get in the way of the home’s existing charm.

The simple freestanding bathtub is situated near a corner a short way back from the basins unit and softens the sharper lines of the walls and windows with its modern curved design.

We also love the two hanging bulbs above the basins, which fill the whites of the room with light and accentuate the existing contrast between the dark wood cabinets and the white walls.

Teran Sands’ Dallas Barndominium 

dallas barndominium

Another strikingly modern creation, this Dallas barndominium’s bathroom features a floating drawers/cabinets unit which is one of the more unique accent pieces that we’ve seen in our featured homes’ bathrooms.

The warm wood color of this unit plays beautifully with the off-white of the walls and the muted chrome of the taps and wall-mounted towel ring.

Stunning Eastern Texas Panhandle Barndominium

Eastern Texas Barndominium Bathroom Interior

A small yet functional area of the home, this Texas Panhandle Barndominium’s bathroom stands out for the bold and eye-catching hexagonal tiling that wraps around three of the walls and continues onto the floor.

The black, gray, and white color scheme here gives the place a powerful sense of modern intrigue and provides an excellent backdrop to the stark whites and blacks of the bath/shower unit.

Beautiful Houston Barndominium

Master Bathroom Sink

This bathroom is a stunning example of just how luxurious barndominium living can be!

The towering white closet separating two sizable basin units, the large dark-framed mirrors, and the use of dark woods throughout, combine to create a barndominium bathroom that wows at the first glance.

The color of the stained floor is a perfect choice for this space, creating a truly gorgeous contrast against the ample whites visible throughout the whole place.

Melissa Hewitt’s Southeast Georgia

Georgia barndominium interior

This Georgia barndominium bathroom uses both contemporary design conventions and a variety of more classic, homey touches to create a space that’s both tidy and modern, yet cozy and welcoming.

The white walls and tub against the natural woods create a contrasting backdrop, while the plant life gives the bathroom a lovely organic quality that you don’t see often enough in barndo bathrooms.

Coty Ricketts’ Leoma, Tennessee Barndominium

Tennessee barndominium interior

This bathroom’s design leans more into the classic rural living spirit of barndominiums, emphasizing darker colors and warm, natural-looking textures.

The exposed wood wall, complete with a wooden towel holder with a beautiful hand-crafted look, blends seamlessly into the gray tiling around the bathtub and gives the space a beautiful ranch-style character.

A shelving unit above the toilet with a selection of small natural decor makes the perfect finishing touch to this bathroom’s unique, rural look.

Spacious Tennessee Barndominium

Master Bathroom with sink, shower, and tub

This luxurious Tennessee barndominium boasts a suitably luxurious bathroom! Spanning a huge amount of floor space, the walk-in shower features a big black rainforest showerhead, which plays beautifully against the light-colored wood surround, and the white surfaces throughout the bathroom.

Though the shower steals the show here, we also love the white basin unit with its contrasting black handles and taps.

Big Black Barn Oklahoma Barndominium

Custom-designed bathroom mirrors

This barndominium bathroom exhibits a truly unique design, where timeless mesoamerican textures in the door have been combined with modern components and materials to seize the best of both worlds.

The lavish marble-effect top of the basin unit, alongside the distinctly modern cage border around the mirror, gives the space an even more distinctive character that we absolutely adore!

Wrapping Up…

We hope these picks of our favorite barndominium bathrooms have helped you get inspired as you weigh up your options and make your barndominium vision a reality. There are available software to help you design your floor plan.

For more guidance on building your own barndominium, be sure to check out the great FAQs, barndominium state guides; barndo financing, insurance, and costs; and featured homes on Barndominiums!