About Us

We are a group of Barndominium fanatics who just can’t get enough about this style of home. Barndominiums forever changed our family, and we owe it to the barndo community to “pay it forward” and start this website about barndominiums.

Born in early 2021, Barndominiums.co aims to be the #1 resource for folks looking to build or buy their forever barndominium. Whether you’re in the Central Texas hill country or the outer banks of Alaska, we’re glad you could be with us today.

About The Barndominiums.co Team

Brynn Klein – General Manager

Brynn leads both editorial and business functions here at Barndominiums.co. She runs the show! Both our editor-in-chief and director of operations report to Brynn. Brynn has 20+ years of experience running content-based businesses and absolutely loves finding a new article to publish on the exciting world of barndominiums. While she’s not busy with work, Brynn loves driving her ATV at the family ranch in rural Oklahoma.

Ainsley Mills – Editor-in-Chief

As editor-in-chief, Ainsley directs the day-to-day operations of the Barndominiums.co website. She oversees our team of writers and dives deep into the world of barndominiums to bring you the very best. When she’s not leading the team at Barndominiums.co, she’s a devoted mother, wife, and dog-mom to her rescue Charlie.

Nico Roberts – Director of Operations

Nico leads operations at Barndominiums.co, which means he’s usually on the phone talking to potential advertisers, partnerships, and industry insiders. Nico lives in southern Missouri and is a huge Missouri State football fan!