6 Best Barndominium Fireplaces You’ll Love

Finding the best barndominium fireplaces can accomplish a wide range of goals. A fireplace can serve as the focal point of your living area, warm your home, and help define the style of your barndominium, whether you’d rather be more rustic or more modern. 

No matter how big your barndominium or what style it is, you can find a great fireplace to meet your needs. When drawing up barndominium floor plans, there’s no reason to leave out the fireplace. Here are a few stunning barndominium fireplaces to inspire you:

1. Khris Smith’s Stunning Ranch-Style Barndominium in Southeastern Oklahoma

The Best Barndominium Fireplaces wooden ceilings

This fireplace is massive, effortlessly dominating the big, open floor plan of this ranch-style barndominium. It stretches from the floor to the ceiling. Since the ceiling slopes away from it, up towards the kitchen, it looks even bigger. 

The stone used to construct the fireplace is the same type that is used on the outside of the house. Large natural stones in front of the fireplace are the perfect place to sit and soak up the heat when the fire is first getting going. 

This fireplace’s natural stone and wood perfectly matches the rustic, ranch-style barndominium. This fireplace serves as a functional element to warm the large open concept space and ties the space together very effectively. 

2. Teran Sands’ Dallas Barndominium 

The Best Barndominium Fireplaces modern staircase

Think that fireplaces are only for rustic barndominium homes? Think again. This big, gorgeous barndominium has a classic appearance on the exterior but is quite modern inside. 

This gas fireplace is built seamlessly into the staircase, merging with the wall. A simple wooden mantel over it draws attention and offers a finished look. This fireplace couldn’t be simpler or more minimalist, but it serves the purpose of warming the space and providing a pleasant focal point for the people sitting around it. 

If you’d like a fireplace for your barndominium but don’t want a huge stone structure, a simple, modern fireplace like this is an excellent choice. 

3. Pinno Buildings Rosendale, Wisconsin Barndominium 

The Best Barndominium Fireplaces modern with pipe

A contemporary barndominium needs a minimalist but striking fireplace. This goal is achieved with plenty of style in this Wisconsin barndominium.

The fireplace is centered where the ceiling is highest. A simple but bold metal pipe runs up from the simple square fireplace. The black and white coloration of the fireplace matches perfectly with the black and white color scheme in the rest of the living area. 

This fireplace is a great example of how a barndominium can use a fireplace to make a statement without relying on a rustic design. 

4. North Dakota Shouse by BD Construction Co

The Best Barndominium Fireplaces black stone

This barndominium features a clever fireplace that makes an impact and provides functional space. It’s made of beautifully stacked black stone that goes all the way to the ceiling for a wide and impressive effect. 

However, the fireplace doesn’t even begin to fill the space devoted to the chimney. It is a relatively small rectangle near the bottom of the structure. A big screen TV is mounted on the upper part of the chimney. 

This is a clever idea because the TV blends beautifully with the lovely dark stone. People sitting on the couch can enjoy watching TV and let their eyes sink down to the comfort of the fireplace whenever they feel like it. 

5. Melissa Hewitt’s Southeast Georgia Barndominium

Have you always dreamed of a home with a chimney built into the roof and a fireplace inside but thought you had to give up the idea of a fireplace when you decided to build a barndominium? Think again. 

This barndominium is a great example of how a real working chimney can be incorporated into your barndominium. The chimney on this barndominium is a charming little brick structure built onto the far end of the barndominium. 

Inside, the fireplace dominates one wall. Rough-hewn large stones are used to construct the chimney from the floor to the ceiling. A big screen TV is mounted over a sizable fireplace. 

6. Spacious Tennessee Barndominium

This barndominium features a stunning fireplace that has a very charming old-fashioned effect. The fireplace stretches up two stories, taking full advantage of the extremely high ceilings in the living space. 

The views of the fireplace can be enjoyed on the ground floor and on the second floor’s landing. The open concept living area means this fireplace is a beautiful focal point throughout the living room and the kitchen. 

The fireplace is constructed of gorgeous rough-hewn stone ranging in color from gray to brown that perfectly complements the artificial wood floors. No decorations or shelves mar the beautiful pattern of the mantle except for a single shelf just above the fireplace. 


A great fireplace can provide relaxation, warmth, comfort, and style in your barndominium home. No matter what kind of barndominium you’re building, there’s no reason to feel like you can’t enjoy a great fireplace. 

Hopefully, these barndominium fireplaces have inspired you to build a fireplace in your barndominium. Check out the Barndolife ebook for even more clever ideas about how to integrate a fireplace into your barndominium. 

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