Best Metal Building Cell Phone Signal Booster

Have you ever considered if your home’s building materials help or hinder your cell phone service? This is definitely a problem of 21st-century home builders but one you must consider before committing to a barndominium home construction. Especially with more home tech devices using cell service to function, from home security systems to thermostats and media streaming, your family could miss out on all the easy-access comforts of home if you don’t pay attention to the cell service in your home design.

As modern buildings shift to more metal construction, these materials are, unfortunately, the top blocker for cell phone signals. But that shouldn’t be the thing that stands in the way of your new barndominium home! With the metal supplies used to design a custom barndominium, you can work around this issue with the help of a metal building cell phone signal booster. This will guarantee you full coverage throughout your new metal building design without you having to lose any of the other benefits of metal building construction. Plus, you and your family will never have to worry about an interrupted movie night again.

Read on to learn what a metal building cell phone signal booster does and why you should consider buying one for your barndominium today.

Best Metal Building Cell Phone Signal Booster

What is a metal building cell phone signal booster?

Cell phone signals are sent to your phone across towers throughout the world. This is how your phone tracks your GPS location and why you most likely have better cell service in more urban spaces. Your coverage as you use your cell phone is based on the network or service provider you’ve chosen and the towers to which they have paid to send signals.

A metal building cell phone signal booster then takes the signal from the nearest tower for your preferred network and intensifies it in and around your home. This type of device usually looks like an antenna that needs to be mounted outside your home. You can easily set this up yourself, and then you and your family will get the best cell service for miles around without ever having to leave your barndominium!

Why use a cell phone signal booster for a metal building?

Why use a cell phone signal booster for a metal building?

Barndominium designs are created to give you an open-concept floor plan without having to worry about load-bearing walls throughout your home. That is why barndominium kit providers have shifted to using steel siding and metal framing materials. These construction supplies are longer lasting and less likely to mold than traditional home materials over time. But they are unfortunately also great at blocking cell phone signals throughout the interior of your home.

Especially because barndominiums are popular home designs in more rural areas, you need to consider buying and installing a metal building cell phone signal booster to guarantee your family’s safety. The last thing you want is for you or someone you love to experience an emergency on your new property, and then you can’t even make a phone call for local support. If you invest in a stronger booster, you can guarantee better coverage both inside your home and throughout the acreage of your new land.

Our Top Options for a Metal Building Cell Phone Signal Booster

Our Top Options for a Metal Building Cell Phone Signal Booster

There are a lot of metal building cell phone signal boosters for you to choose from, and each has different features that may or may not benefit your new barndominium home. Most cell phone signal booster kits will come with all the materials you need to install it on your own, but it can also be helpful to work with an internet specialist in your area to make sure your booster is installed in the best location for your house.

To help get you started thinking about the best metal building cell phone signal booster for your family’s barndominium lifestyle, you first need to consider how big your home will be once it is built. One of the best ways to decide how much money you want to spend on a cell phone signal booster is to compare how much each model costs per square footage of signal boosting it will offer, and your need for coverage distance will vary based on the size of your home.

If you’re still overwhelmed by all the options on the market, we’ve completed some research that should help you out. Check out our top four cell phone signal boosters that we think would be best for a barndominium home:

Introducing the weBoost 472120 Signal Booster – The Top Pick for Your Barndominium’s Cell Signal Enhancement!

Say goodbye to frustrating dropped calls and weak cell signal in your barndominium with the weBoost 472120 Signal Booster. Designed to amplify and extend your cellular coverage, this powerful signal booster is the ultimate solution for ensuring strong and reliable connectivity in your unique living space.

With its cutting-edge technology, the weBoost 472120 Signal Booster significantly enhances cell signal strength, allowing you to make crystal-clear calls, stream high-definition videos, and enjoy uninterrupted data transfer. Compatible with all major carriers, including Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile, this booster works seamlessly to improve signal reception across multiple devices.

Installation is a breeze, thanks to the included components: an outdoor antenna, an indoor antenna, and a signal amplifier. Simply mount the outdoor antenna on your barndominium’s roof or exterior, connect it to the signal amplifier, and position the indoor antenna in your desired area. Within moments, you’ll experience a remarkable improvement in signal quality throughout your living space.

The weBoost 472120 Signal Booster features a sleek and compact design, blending seamlessly into your barndominium’s aesthetic. Its versatility extends beyond the barndominium itself, as it can also be used in garages, workshops, and other outbuildings.

Don’t let weak cell signal hinder your communication and productivity any longer. Invest in the weBoost 472120 Signal Booster today and enjoy strong, reliable cell coverage in your barndominium, empowering you to stay connected with loved ones, work efficiently, and access online resources with ease. Say hello to enhanced cell signal and goodbye to frustration!

Best Budget Friendly Cell Phone Signal Booster

The SureCall FlareDB+ is the most affordable cell phone signal booster on the market for your metal building, but it has quite a few limitations. First, it only works with 4G LTE signals from T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon networks. Plus, it only promises coverage for 3,500 interior square feet, which is a much smaller range than most other models. Ultimately, this is the type of model that works best for a home office, not a whole metal building.

However, with the SureCall Flare, your home will benefit from an antenna that can receive signals from any direction, and you also get a built-in three-year warranty with this cell phone signal booster. It is also extremely easy to install on your own, saving the money you’d otherwise have to pay a professional for setup.

Best High-End Cell Phone Signal Booster – SureCall Fusion5s

The highest quality metal building cell phone signal booster is another SureCall model, and it does come with a higher price point. This option, the SureCall Fusion5s includes antennas that you install both inside and outside your home to better guarantee boosted signal range. If you choose to go with the SureCall Fusion model, you will also benefit from a signal increase of up to 72 decibels and a range of 20,000 square feet from the location of the booster on your barndominium home.

A SureCall Fusion booster works with almost all U.S. cell phone networks, and it offers the best price per square footage of coverage. Especially if you’ve built a barndominium so you can have a large live-in garage or workspace – or if you and your family plan to live an active outdoor lifestyle around the property of your barndominium – this pricier option could be the best fit for your lifestyle.

Best Clutter Free Cell Phone Signal Booster – WeBoost Home Studio

If you are worried a cell phone signal booster will be an eyesore on your beautiful barndominium home’s exterior, you might want to consider the WeBoost Home Studio. This cell phone signal booster comes with easy instructions for you to set it up on your own. It’s also much smaller than most other cell phone signal booster models and created to work from inside your home, instead of outside on the roof.

The WeBoost Home Studio is designed to work with all cell phone network providers and can handle new 5G connectivity speeds. The only catch with the WeBoost is that it will work best in smaller metal building floor plans. So if you have committed to a barndominium because you want to build the biggest residential space possible, you are going to want to choose a cell phone signal booster with a much bigger range. However, if you really only need a cell phone signal booster to help your family stream media and access the internet from the comfort of your home, the WeBoost Home Studio could be a great fit.


Now that you’ve read through our ultimate guide on the best metal building cell phone signal boosters, you should be able to invest in the cell phone signal booster that will best fit your family’s unique technology needs. You will thank yourself later if you take the time to purchase a good cell phone signal booster for your metal home as soon as you move in.

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Want to learn more before you commit to a metal-building cell phone signal booster? Then you should check out our program “Barndominiums Made Easy.” It’s affordable, informative, and will give you every resource you need to move forward confidently with your barndominium build.