How To Cool A Barndominium

If you are building a barndominium, chances are you want to know how to cool a barndominium during the hot summer months. There are a few things you can do to ensure your barndominium stays comfortable all season long.

10 Ways to Cool A Barndominium 

There are many ways to cool a barndominium. Are you thinking about building a barndominium? If so, you’ll need to know how to keep it cool. Here are a few ways to cool a barndominium:

Energy Efficient Central Air

If you want to cool your entire barndominium, you may want to consider installing central air conditioning. This will require ductwork to be installed, but it will be worth it in the end. Central air conditioning will keep your entire home cool and comfortable all summer long.

A whole-home AC system is a great choice for those who want to cool their barndominium effectively. The unit can deliver cool air through the same ducts used by your furnace during winter, which means you’ll be able to reduce temperature faster than with window units!

There are quite a few factors that go into choosing the right AC system, like determining the square footage of the living space that you need to cool. Take time to read reviews of the units you are considering and make sure you are getting the best deal for your home. 

Industrial Fans

If you have a large barndominium, you may want to consider investing in some industrial fans. These are much larger than the standard ceiling fan and can move a lot of air. They can be placed in strategic locations around your home to help circulate the air and keep the temperature down.

Thermally Driven Coolers

Another option for cooling your barndominium is to use thermally driven coolers. These work by using the cooler temperatures underground to help cool the air inside your home. They are a more environmentally friendly option and can be very effective at cooling your home.

These devices are solar-powered driven or gas-powered instead of electrical. These systems will indeed save you money over time but the upfront cost is high.

Room Air Conditioners 

Another option for cooling your barndominium is to install air conditioning units in each room. These can be placed in different rooms or areas of your home to keep the temperature down. Having individual room air conditioners are great to consider if you are looking to cut down cost. 

They also help you centralize where you want the cool air to be. If you aren’t always using a room or two then you can shut the door and not run the air in that room. This will help save on electricity. If you do choose room air conditioners then you are saving money by not having to install ductwork needed for central air.

Have Proper Insulation


One of the best ways to keep your barndominium cool is to make sure it is properly insulated. This will help to keep the heat out and the cool air in. When selecting the insulation for your barndominium be sure to consider the following factors when choosing which one to use:

  • Effectiveness
  • Durability
  • Benefits

Once you consider which type of insulation just make sure you consider which one will best keep your barndominium the coolest in those hot summer months. 

Build an Open Floor Plan

Another great way to keep your barndominium cool is to build an open floor plan. This will allow the air to circulate more freely and keep the temperature down. If you have a smaller barndominium, you may want to consider using portable fans to help circulate the air.

Install Blinds

To help block the sun from causing your home to be warm is to be sure to install blinds over your windows. When you close blinds or curtains during the day this will help you keep the sun from heating up your space.

Use a Dehumidifier 

A dehumidifier can help to remove excess moisture from the air. This, in turn, can make the air feel cooler and more comfortable. By reducing the amount of moisture in the air, a dehumidifier can also help to prevent mold and mildew from developing.

You can actually install a central air unit that has a dehumidifier feature as well as cooling. This would be a great thing to consider when picking out which central air unit is best for your to install to help keep your barndominium cool. 

Choose the Right Materials

When you are decided what color to use for your exterior and roofing you will want to use lighter or more reflective materials. When you choose lighter colors, you allow less heat to be conducted that could possibly be pulled inside your home, causing it to be warmer.

You can find siding and roofing products with lighter finishes. Darker colors absorb more light, which increases the temperature of that material; as a result, you might experience greater comfort in your home because its interior stays cooler due to less heat absorption by these surfaces.

Build an Awing, Overhang, or Canpony 

Homeowners who want to protect their homes from harsh sun add awnings to reduce the amount of heat that their home may take in. Consider using extended shaded coverings such as awnings or overhangs. These will help reduce the amount of heat your home holds.

Be sure you add them on the walls facing south to get maximum shade while still letting some light through for viewing enjoyment!

Are Barndominiums Hot In The Summer?

Many often worry that since barndominiums are made of not your typical housing materials they will conduct more heat and be hot in the summer. That isn’t true.

When building your barndominium it is important to take into many factors such as installing fans, and HVAC, and even proper installation to help your barndominium not be hot in the summer months. 

With the right insulation, built-on awnings, and correct color choices in external materials then your barndominium will be less likely to be hot in the summer. 

Conclusion On How To Cool A Barndominium 

By understanding the best ways to cool a barndominium, you can make an informed decision about which option is right for your needs. With the right information, you can select the perfect cooling method for your barndominium and ensure that you stay comfortable during those hot days ahead. 

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